It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been busy with SEM/SEO work but I wanted to share this thought…

To say that mass mail marketing campaigns are hit or miss would probably be an understatement. With the ridiculous amount of junk mail that the average resident receives can be overwhelming. And I’m sure all of you fellow homeowners are sick of the endless refinance, insurance, and other junk mail that can be deceitful at times in regards to it’s appearance. I’ve seen a few letters come with what was supposed to be handwritten name and address on the envelope but it’s obvious that it has been printed.

And it looks like Verizon is paying to take their mass mailing campaign to a whole ‘nother level. Check out this envelope I received this weekend (sorry for the crappy pic quality I took it with my PPC-6800 phone):

Verizon Envelope

Look a little similar to a USPS Priority envelope?

Yes, you can see it has been opened. I wouldn’t say that I fell for it but I was more curious to see what was so important inside that Verizon paid so much more extra for these larger and custom envelopes. It was an offer for their FiOS service.

So I’m curious to hear from everyone to see if you would consider this unethical? The similarity between this and a USPS envelope is obvious, and the word “PRIORITY” is printed on the front. It is obvious that Verizon sent this out to deceive recipients to thinking it is something more important.


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