You know what I absolutely love about doing SEO full time from home? The flexibility. Yes, you’re jealous. Why? Well today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. But every day here at Baltimore SEO By Murph is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

So without further ado, the vice president of eating, sleeping, and bugging me to take him for walks to the park every 2 hours, Jackson:

Bring your dog to work day


(PETA don’t email me yet; I’m not choking him, he needed some help looking at the camera). And he looks very similar to Link from Bizpro, what a coincidence.

I haven’t posted an SEO tip in a while, so here’s one. Word of the day:


See what sites are in the top two pages for your keywords. Then see what sites¬†link to them (either type “” or if you have the Google toolbar with Pagerank enabled installed, click the Pagerank and click check backlinks). And then, get the same backlinks for all of them along with whatever links you are building, and you’ll be well on your way. Just make sure your on-page stuff is done first!

Link cherrypicking. Maybe not completely original, but very effective.

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