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Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog by Now

Hey everyone, Tom Foster and I just put together a free report, “Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog by Now (and why having just a website isn’t good enough)” The report is free to download and, even though it’s written primarily for those in the legal field, it also gives some great points to [&hellip

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Internet Marketing for Charity

I haven’t had a lot of time to post on here lately, and I don’t usually promote other Internet Marketing firms unless I’ve worked with them in the past, but ProspectMx, the authors of that awesome linkbuilding chart that everyone should have by now, is running an Internet Marketing for Charity contest where they give [&hellip

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SEO is dying to a lot of people

I, like everyone else in the industry, am getting frustrated with the term SEO being synonymous for “give some money and I’ll make you number 1”. I spent most of last week submitting proposals to prospective clients and it’s amazing how many I saw from other cheaper, overseas “SEO firms” who made this statement. Then, [&hellip

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