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Linkbuilding 101 Revisited

I wish I had Dave Frees’ hypnotic skills sometimes. I would sit everyone who asks me “why am I not ranking better?!?!?” down in a chair and wave a crystal ball in front of their faces, repeating “yooooouuuu will buuuuiiiiillllddd liiiiinnnnkkkkksssss…..”. It’s probably the most underestimated part of SEO with every client we work with [&hellip

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Google webmaster chat

Here are a few screenshots I took of answers to questions during today’s Google Webmaster chat, I would just post the images but they’re too big for my blog theme. Flickr Slideshow  Thoughts coming later, hopefully

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Google cycling answer results

So over the past few months it seems like Google has made an effort to include at least one answer service result for a lot of the search queries, and now it seems as if they are cycling the results. If you do a Google search you will most likely see one or two questions [&hellip

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