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Okay everyone, here is a list of active users on Twitter. From now on, in order to be listed, a link from your blog or website to this list is necessary. Once you post the link, email with where the list is listed and we will get you up right away. Please use the anchor text “Maryland Internet Marketing- Twitter List” for the link.

Also be sure to check out our new Maryland Twitter and social networking discussion group to expand your network and share tips and tricks with other Twitter users.

In NO particular order:

@george_murphy Me. SEO, social media, soccer, blogging for attorneys, and some other stuff.

@MissMktr SEO and eCommerce expert, MissMktr seeks and is happy to share the best tips and tricks to keeping a site at number one!

@krissymimi PR Coordinator Baltimore CVB. Work with Travel writers/freelancers, love Baltimore, contact me to plan a press trip!

@seanoakley Work for an interactive agency. Perfect since I’ve always been addicted to tech. Also love history, photography and exploring.

@paulmauritz ÜT: 39.20932,-76.93756

@hollisthomases Been marketing online since ’98; writing for ClickZ since ’05 (send me ur news!); am a humble thought-provoker – what makes you curious?

@oneeyedcarmen SecTwit, Bartender, tired of acting “appropriately”

@ericahebrank Online marketing rockstar!

@OneFineJay Blogger, contrarian site designer, photographer, meathead. I tweet in bursts & like big words.

@SagesseInc Mktg CEO w/ niche in cool cities & love of details. Cook & work on 130yr house 4 fun. Past lives in talk radio, film/TV editor & founder of LiveBalt

@cHammock interactive media supervisor at

@MMMcDermott Associate Creative Director of sorts.

@O_snap Media & Analytics Director for Internet Strategy Group (ISG). Checking out what’s happening in online marketing, SEM, SEO, Baltimore

@christinaebert Fluent in email marketing – trying to tie it all together with social media


@bhawk988 Live & Work in Baltimore in SEM.

@lex_555 Designer/Professional/Student and otherwise interested individual

@NicoleSchiavone Actively Driving Email Performance @blueskyfactory!

@leonline Online marketing profesional with an interest in tech, entrepreneurship and art.

@HappyTown09 Marketing guy that knows it’s about giving back! Enjoying life and having way too much fun! Love Ultra-Marathons, nice people and getting my kicks on Rt. 66.

@Amy_Rubino User experience designer. Interests = freedom of expression + tech for social change + mobile tech in dev countries + plaform-independent data

@spaley Founder and CTO of Abstract Edge (

@tornow Online Marketing Professional, Social media addict, Web 2.0 enthusiast, who’s into SEO and can teach you how to speak German too!

@timstaines I Enjoy Integrating Technology into Marketing, SEO and Social Media

@chammock Interactive Media Supervisor at

@bobzatch Improv Actor/Comedian, SEO consultant, LIP, and idea junkie.

@BrianFrederick Internet, Mobile, and Social Marketing Professional My Favorite quote: Life is full of twist and turns, don’t drive straight

@aviars CEO, Videntity

@bricknhymr A Tech Geek who loves cooking and all things cool.

@bmoredownbeats Musician, educator, blogger, social media junkie, wannabe politico, Bourbon/Cigar enthusiast

@bad_decisions Friendly neighborhood dive on the corner of Fleet and Washington streets.

@mglickman Law student, IT worker, Father… who says you need to know voodoo to create a zombie?

@Ryanatmghwom Word of Mouth / Social Media Marketing nerd, geek, food enthusiast, blogger, Baltimore obsessed

@ahrycyk Love dogs and social media. Work in Word of Mouth Marketing. Enjoy exercise, food and gadgets.

@sandysommer Premier Source of Kettlebell Information on Twitter

@jonpayne Web Marketer, Daddy, Skins Fan

@mikenealis Volunteer Maryland Coordinator for Maryland Department of the Environment. Sociologist, philosopher, photographer.

@BaltimoreGal One gal and her pup, trying to make it in charm city. I’m a writer for

@R71 journalism, tv news, public health, bioethics, Johns Hopkins, obesity, weight loss, motorcycles, jeeps, travel, history, dogs, married, veterinarians, UF Alum

@luvlyreada Trying to make ends meet talking for a living. Finally moved back to a city I love.

@IKnowCalRipken I don’t actually know Cal Ripken. But it’d be sweet if I did.

@katemcphail Food obsessed, animal lover, workout/yoga freak, supporter of the Arts, and tech newbie.

@curliegurlie “I’m in Bethesda”

@stevekruskamp Online Marketer, MBA’er, Outdoors Devotee, Technology Geek, Eco-Friendly Advocate, Considerer of Posterity, Respecter of Antiquity, Damn Sexy Guy

@kplynch A Baltimore native involved in ecommerce, who enjoys live music and eating locally

@denrosen IT Ninja, Gadget Geek and Foodie

@AmyWoo Perky, Daisy-loving, Public Radio Junkie. Membership Director – WTMD 89.7

@kimberwom thanks to Twitter, I’ve gone from 4 degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon to 2 degrees. I’m moving on up!

@ashleaMGH Baltimore/Marketing/Advertising/Online Media

@dulin Maps are good. Airplanes are better.

@kchertu Actor/Filmmaker in a few Hollywood films & a LOT of Indies, watch some of our films incl. Joker stuff: or /bemorefilms

@GarretOhm Hybrid mktg dir/business development director. I love brands and marketing, but only when they’re done well. Love social media too.

@metz628 Who wants to start a flash mob?!

@TDRAndy Business Writer at The Daily Record in Baltimore

@charmcitygavin Well hello there! I didn’t see you come in. Why don’t you take a seat? Make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink?

@samtaters 24. foodie. lover of all things artistic. cancer survivor. FTW!

@rubinemployment James E. Rubin is the founding partner of The Rubin Employment Law Firm, P.C. Mr. Rubin has concentrated solely on employment law for more than twelve years.

@jennifre I’m a 20-something print design student living right outside of Baltimore.

@michael_k Communications professor, blogger, bookworm, Devils fan, triathlete, contemplative, bon vivant.

@MikeCP Baltimore search engine marketer working for Groove Commerce

@DavidMTaylor Developer, Daddy, L60 Warlock :)

@katielynn783 Internet Marketing Assistant/Office Manager @ Web Ad.vantage

@samb nerd. mommy. grammar fanatic (only others’, not my own).

@RussWalters Social Media and Pop-Culture fanatic

@jeanneb Marathon Runner. Wine Drinker. Bad TV Watcher. Charm City Dweller.

@haralamos I am an artist and creative writer who naively beleives people desire to consume what I create.

@kshaffer PR Manager at MGH – A full service communications agency in Baltimore

@EmInMotion CMO C’watre oceanic skin care; wife; a little letter-press crazy; livin the start-up life & lovin City life in B’more!

@madcatdisease Public interest attorney, amateur feminist, devout atheist, refugee from the Bible Belt, shopoholic to a fault, and lover of all things feline (and canine too)

@bmoon Project Manager @ alexander+tom,inc.

@trainofbutter Writer, musician, podcaster from the city that reads.

@jodifur Jodi, part time attorney, mom to preschooler, celebrating the randomness of life

@ilanabit wife, mom of two terrific boys, community rabblerouser, edu-tainer, serial entrepreneur… ooo look something shiny! Pixel Workshop and TripFLIX are my biz.

@ChrisMonty Hi, I’m Chris Monty. I’m a banker turned Internet Marketer. I also used to sing in a rock band. I’m now a church worship leader, a husband, and a father.

@derekmassey Real Estate Attorney / Husband / Father / Sports Fan / President of @MASettlement

@jhawkw Director of Business Development at Renegade and Advertising Junkie

@tomhood CEO trying to “make sense of a changing & complex world, exploring blogging, social media, and Web 2.0 for CPAs

@paulmauritz Baltimore-ish, MD

@jeffq73 Operations Assistant, Blogger, Husband, Student


@RiverC Techie, Musician, Orthodox Christian, Scholar. Webmaster for Samuelson’s Diamonds of Baltimore

@diamondbuyer Diamantaire, rock star and family man from Maryland. CEO of, buyers and sellers of the finest diamonds in the world.



@tmdwrbs Mornings with Tracey, Mike and Dave on WRBS


@JPolicastro PR Coordinator at AU Washington College of Law. Writer. Runner. Eater of Burgers.

@amygarland Love running (& biking & swimming), bad reality tv, reading, my aminals, living in SoBo & working at Blue Sky Factory, the best ESP in the biz!

@CarynTamber I’m a reporter covering “the business of law” at The Daily Record.

@TiffanyTSmith PR/Comms specialist, social media newbie, pop culture geek!

@ElenaH13 foodie, gym rat, frequent friday happy hour goer, & working for the best ESP in the biz in Baltimore

@missmirandab 20-something. AdWoman. Loves cupcakes. Going “green”. Enjoying the show

@omgitsrachel OMG! It’s ME!

@dwplanit PR Guy at a Baltimore Ad Agency. Oh, and #journchat

@jflanigan Just a girl searching for a place in this virtual world.

@Mr_Matt “You were right about the stars. Each one is a setting sun.” – Wilco

@MeredithRae It’s probably just a food baby.

@martyfnday I blog. I webcomic. I commentate.


@JohnMilleker Photographer, Videographer, Designer, Programmer

@GusSent dude, married, multimedia (newspaper) journalist, new dad :-)

@SigilTempus Network Admin, Dad, Gamer, articulate geek and cool nerd

@seanoakley Just a guy in Baltimore, working for an interactive firm and soaking up as much information as one can share.

@subelsky Hacker, improvisor, and cofounder of and

@susananthony partner in 14+ year-old marketing public relations firm who enjoys travel, hiking (with dog, Ace) and a beginning bridge player

@mrshadeed Tech Evangelist w/ specialties in SharePoint, Digital Music Mkting, New Media. TV Producer, Co-founder Balt. SharePoint Group, Columnist, Web Publisher

@awessendorf ‘God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.’ Voltaire|SM Addict|passion for photography|marketer|editor|lover of good design

@abachman Father of two, software developer, code dreamer.

@ShepherdJeff Helping connect college students and the employers looking to hire them

@ergeekgoddess Cheerfully attitudinal, hopelessly undomestic, neo-feminist, multilingual, Latina, idea chaser, word wiz. Oh, and the Universe’s first and only GEEK GODDESS.

@anne3000 Baltimore gal. Editor of b the paper and News junkie. Language nut. Lover of pop culture. Cat lady.

@kc_hopson President of EventRebels

@aaronwatkins Information Architect, Johns Hopkins Medicine

@mike_vs pop. mod. tek. ink. buz. mix.

@jbusteed Communications specialist/writer. Ad agency expatriate. Shoe evangelist. Food enthusiast. Grammar girl. Still love the print edition of the NYTimes.

@USSJoin CS Grad Student, doing various highly odd things. Intern at Six Apart.

@nancypub Spec. in public relations, branding, media strategy/ Amateur chef & aspiring gardener

@CKisMom Mom to Two Boys (and baby #3 on the way) and PR Maven

@yummyandcompany Location: Baltimore

@cameronbarry Communications specialist/writer. Ad agency expatriate. Shoe evangelist. Food enthusiast. Grammar girl. Still love the print edition of the NYTimes.

@misterperturbed I am trying to be optimistic, but I am evil and so is my dog.

@erinjeany Blogging Mommy, Wifey, Geek, Gamer, Graphic Designer, Cooking, Organizing, Scrapbooking Superhero.

@MonicaMcNamara I live, laugh, love & work in Ocean City Md

@chrisanderin Heard Weekdays from 2- 7PM on 95.1FM WRBS in Baltimore!

@BGleas PR/Marketing Manager in professional sports and health industries. Morphing into the head of social media at my company. Love the Celtics and Red Sox

@chrispund young entrepreneur

@cpeckens Entrepreneur. Baltimore. Geek. Flash, Graphic, UX, Project Management. Love all that is Digital & Coffee.

@alissacarr Marketing/PR Specialist, Writer & Certified Trainer

@sweetney Geeky Gen-X Parental Unit from Charm City USA

@rachelstuart graphic designer currently seeking job opportunities and/or freelance work

@Will_Burns Communications Director for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. News and political junkie. Technology geek.

@opie Super Stunna

@groovecommerce Groove Commerce is a full service eCommerce design, development, and consulting firm. Our goal is to bridge the gap between marketing and technology and delive

@PaulCapestany Neuroscience researcher by day, CEO of a web startup by night, vegan, aspiring beer snob, etc

@ZacharyCohn My passion in life is Parkour, and I’m getting pretty interested in Internet Marketing and Social Media as well.

@NatalieFriton Boater, Runner, PR & Marketing Professional, Dog Lover.

@mullally_engine B’More/DC Recruiter focused on Creative and Marketing.

@phintch 25 year old designer & Internet marketing specialist living in Charm City!

@robwilkerson A software engineer (who hasn’t always been a software engineer) with an affinity, if not a talent, for photography.

@jedsalawyer General solo practitioner in Maryland.

@nicebrightlivin Best known for my: right brain, dexterity with a kitchen knife, furrowed brow and being a techn

@Dadooz Singer/guitarist for gospel:rock group Five Smooth Stones

@ayakobing Online marketer, Blogger, Mom, Japanese…

@wideangle00 Helping young people communicate, create, and lead.

@Grants_Pratt Andrea Snyder from the Grants Collection: Nonprofit Resource Center at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD

@NSpirit Writer, PR Professional & Blogger @

@RobinYasinow Indy communications consultant since 2003 after decade with agencies. Enthusiast of swing dancing, documentaries, storytelling, sushi.

@g_and_r Greetings and Readings is an independent bookseller plus cards, gifts and more!

@trueisnotfalse Web Developer, Designer, Writer, Photographer and general all round geek

@rbuscemi Virtual Assistant with Creative Virtual Office, WAHM of 2 kiddos, Creative Memories Consultant, Police Officers Wife, Crafty Girl, Avid Reader

@Peter_Angelos Uber-ambulance chaser and humble owner of the Baltimore Orioles. Just trying to show folks Peter Angelos isn’t a bad guy – even in real life.

@BaltoRadisson Tweeting restaurant specials, coffee bar specials, and specials on meetings and conferences for Baltimore professionals.



@BeerInBaltimore Respecting beer in and around Baltimore’s ‘burbs

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