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Internet Marketing is a valuable and economical way of generating leads, sales, or referrals by tactically promoting your website and making it easier to find. BizPro doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits all mentality when it comes to Internet Marketing for a client, and we never make empty promises. We are a small firm ready and able to devote the necessary time in order to make your web marketing campaign a success. We create a Taylor-made Web Marketing strategy based on the product or service you are offering, and what techniques we can use to make your campaign the most successful. Some of the Internet/Web marketing services that we offer include:


Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis in Maryland that helps hit the target

The most important factor of Internet Marketing is the keyword analysis. Finding keywords that people actually search for that are relative to your web site is one of the keys to targeting site visitors that actually have an interest in your product, service, or information. Factors such as geographical location and other variables make extensive keyword research and analysis even more important, and the regular monitoring of these keywords’ conversion and return on investment (see below: Analytics) is just as important.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may think that you have a great web site with lots of content, but is your website properly optimized for when it comes time for Google and other search engines to evaluate your web site’s value? There are many on-page factors that help determine where search engines rank your site (in fact, we have a checklist of about 100 on-page SEO factors that we use when first evaluating a client’s web site), some of them include:

  • Content Optimization: are your keywords in the right places?
  • Page Feature Optimization: are your keywords placed in your page titles, URLs, tags, and other page properties strategically?
  • Website Crawlability?: It may even be possible that the way your web site is designed doesn’t allow Google and other search engines’ spiders to crawl your site, which means, guess what? It’s likely that nobody will ever find you! (see below: web development and design)



Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing in Maryland and creating links

The usual process of Internet Marketing at BizPro Solutions is identify and designate keywords which we think will convert for each page, make sure everything about and on the site is optimized, and then roll up our sleeves and do something that a majority of Internet Marketing firms don’t: launch a morale, white-hat, and effective link building campaign.

You probably already know the value of having inbound links to your web site, but if you don’t, it’s very important. Most search engines look at the authority or rank that has been associated with the site that is linking to you, as well as the relevance. It’s great if you have a high authority web site that is relevant to your product, service, or information linking to you, but having the opposite (a low-priority site that has absolutely nothing to do with anything on your web site) can actually hurt your search engine ranking position (SERP) and hurt your chances for obtaining a #1 position.

BizPro’s company motto is simple: quality over quantity. We take the time to make everything that we do as effective as possible, and that includes marketing your website.




Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in Maryland

You can tell by the above picture that no only are there are a lot of social media sites out there right now, but also that some of the top companies in the world are using them to create an effective brand recognition and positive reputation online. Creating a presence in the social media world by using video and picture sharing sites, wikis, and other popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is another way of capturing a target audience and obtaining a positive, modern, WEB 2.0 image online. And guess what’s just as important as BizPro helping you create pages on these sites (which include original content, see below: content development)? BizPro helping you promote your new social media sites.


Web and Content Development/Website Design and Re-design

Going back to our company motto (quality over quantity), we know the value of taking the time to create useful and relative content. We look at a web site not as something that you create, publish, and don’t think about for a few months. Routine web site development and maintenance by continuing to add content and other meaningful information and media like videos and pictures is important to your overall web strategy.  Luckily everyone here at Bizpro has some form of experience in writing and journalism.

Also, Sometimes a prospective client’s web site needs to be redesigned, or sometimes a client doesn’t have a web site at all. BizPro has partnership agreements with some of Maryland’s top web designers if you need a website or website redesign, and we can optimize that site in the process.


Analytics and Traffic Monitoring

Are the keywords that we initially designated resulting in a high conversion rate? Where are your visitors coming from, search engine results or referrals from other sites? BizPro installs and regularly monitors site analytics so that we can measure the success of your Internet marketing campaign.



While pay-per-click campaigns can be expensive at times, a PPC campaign is an easy way to gain short-term traffic for a fee. BizPro can help you with a PPC campaign through an extensive keyword analysis, campaign setup, and regular monitoring to measure conversion and success.


Blog Implementation and Development

Don’t think having a blog can be a benefit to your company website? Think again. A blog is an easy way for any user to add content, which is important to the web development process. It can also be a way to relate to prospective clients, gain more website visitors, and relate to other bloggers.


If you’d like to find out more about BizPro’s Internet Marketing Services, please contact us ( for a free site analysis. Please include your website address and any additional information about what you would like to accomplish.



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