I wish I had Dave Frees’ hypnotic skills sometimes. I would sit everyone who asks me “why am I not ranking better?!?!?” down in a chair and wave a crystal ball in front of their faces, repeating “yooooouuuu will buuuuiiiiillllddd liiiiinnnnkkkkksssss…..”.

It’s probably the most underestimated part of SEO with every client we work with at Foster Web Marketing. The thing is, most FWM clients take for granted the network that is actually being offered (every FWM site is being linked to and from by other FWM clients, all of which have a Pagerank of 3 or better. Not a bad network that has been established if you ask me). Use this tool when you get a chance:

Anchor text analysis

This is a great tool because it not only shows how many inbound links you have, (it may not be as accurate as Yahoo Site Explorer buuuuut….)  it also shows you the anchor text of the inbound links that you have, which is extremely important for your search engine rankings.

Check out a few link building posts I made on the FWM blog, there are some basic link building techniques you can use. And if you ever wonder why a website is ranking higher than yours, do these two things:

1) Type site: (and of course replace that with your site URL), and do the same for your competitor, and see who has more pages indexed.

If you have more than the competing site, than

2) Use the Yahoo site explorer to see who has more inbound links. My money is on the competing site if they’re outranking you, but I’d be willing to analyze if I’m wrong.


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