Google KnolGoogle has recently launched Google Knol, their answer to Wikipedia and the fact that Wikipedia entries come up on page one for almost every keyword in the entire freakin world!

Google has said that Knol pages won’t be considered higher authority just because they are on Google, but this is hard to believe. I wanted to expand and do something similar to what Danny Sullivan did (I took the featured Knols ), and here are a more results:

Buttermilk Pancakes – 4

Pediatric Sports Injuries– 1 (it was 13 when Danny wrote his post only five days ago)

Migraine Management – 10

Well, you get the point. These Knol entries will likely have high ranking and authority, and it may even take only a few days.

Wikipedia has said that there is a conflict of interest in launching the product, and I’m not sure that I disagree. Regardless, this tool may serve as a good self-promotion tool if used the right way. Knol is still brand new, so see if your product/service/offering has been listed yet, and create an entry. Here are a few tips I have when creating a Knol entry:

1. Don’t use this as a link building technique, it looks cheesy and spammy. Yes, the entry will likely be given a high priority by Google, but the fact that people will see this entry as merely a way for you to drop a link to your site makes them question your motives.

2. Instead, promote the useful content that you bring to the table, as well as the level of expertise of who it comes from. The entry should be from whoever should be the face of the company. When doing this, make sure he/she has:

3. A biography completed (it may be okay to include a link in the biography for the person representing the company) and a professional picture uploaded as well.

4. Don’t copy and paste from Wikipedia or elsewhere. Take the time to create an informative entry about your product or offering. Remember, these entries will be rated and commented on by fellow Knol users. So it’s VERY important to:

5. Maintain a positive and transparent reputation. Take the extra hour or two to come up with YOUR content and information as an industry expert to keep it from looking like you just copied and pasted from 3 sites and it took you ten minutes.  Oh, and keep it simple.

It’s probably early enough for you to have the first entry for whatever service or product you are in (unless you’re in Search Engine Optimization, of course), but keep it in good taste.

The problem I see with Google Knol is that it doesn’t seem to be heavily moderated. Pretty much anyone can create an entry about anything, which leaves the floodgates open to spam and self-promotion. The only good part about this? The comment and rating system allows other to expose these efforts. Keep your entry tasteful and informative.


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