Everyone wants to rank on Page One of Google for certain keywords, but what keywords your website ranks for can dramatically affect not only your monthly website traffic, but also how well those visits convert to sales or leads.

Afterall, spending time and money on a website or blog, as well as any Internet marketing that you do for that website or blog, is pretty much a waste if you’re not generating any sales or leads right?

If there’s one thing I have a hard time getting through to with clients is that it is better to rank for your LOCAL keywords like “CPA Baltimore” or “Baltimore City Accountant” than it is for broader keywords like “certified public accountant services”. I mean, are people really going to hire a Maryland accountant on the web if they’re in Texas or anywhere else? Probably not, in all honesty.

Yes, ranking for broader keywords will likely result in a dramatic increase in website/blog traffic, but if your service’s or product’s success is based on how well it is marketed locally, why would you be concerned with how you rank nationwide or how many visits you’re getting if they’re not from the Maryland area?

Five hundred local visitors to your website is much better than fifteen thousand nationwide visitors who just come and go. If you’re already ranking well for most of your local keywords, stop worrying about how to conquer the world and increase your monthly traffic counts, and start worrying about what you can change or add to your website or blog in order to improve your conversion rates and capture more local leads.

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