The title of your page is one of the most important on-page factors that spiders look at when crawling your web page because it is basically a summary of what information the page should include. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome post by a bunch of SEO consultants over at SEOMoz which ranks on-page and off-page factors and how important they are. See title at number one?

Lots of small businesses and other local companies have a hard time coming up with a title that utilizes their keywords but also keeps the company name and theme involved at the same time. When the page is first published and all of the cosmetic features are finished, most of the time the web designers will title every page on the site with the company name. Business owners think this is best for the site because it portrays a professional image of the company, but there are a couple of ways to have the keyword(s) you want to optimize in the title along with your company name.

One of them: “By”

This is one word that can help. QualityAir, a local HVAC company, wants to promote their new ductless air conditioning system. The current title of every page on their site is “QualityAir, LLC Baltimore Maryland” which is really only promoting the company name and location. Each page on their website ( plumbing, heating, repair. etc) should have a unique title to help optimize every service they offer. So instead of “QualityAir, LLC Baltimore Maryland” we can change is to something like “Ductless Air Conditioning Systems by QualityAir of Baltimore”. This optimizes both the service that they offer, as well as the company name and location, all very key aspects when improving SERP.

What if they have an Adword landing page that promotes two unrelated services, like bathroom plumbing and Eco-friendly heating? Two symbols come in handy in this case, “-” and “|”. Instead of using “and”, which works but doesn’t really help tie two services that are completely unrelated together, try something like “Energy Saving Heating – Same Day Plumbing – QualityAir Baltimore” or “Affordable Bathroom Plumbing | Heating Systems | QualityAir” This helps the reader (yes, they do look at the title) understand that the company offers these services, and infers that this is only a few of the services they offer.

I always recommend that the title is less than 8 or 9 words because you can actually hurt your chances by being too descriptive. When search engines see that you have too many words in the title they will thing you are stuffing it with irrelevant keywords and throw you on the back burner.

The title page is very important for your web site, make sure you are using strategic titles on EACH PAGE with it’s own unique keyword(s) to help optimize your entire site.

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