George Daniel Murphy III aka “Murph”

I started in sales immediately after college, selling wireless telecommunications solutions to small business, corporations, and government agencies in Downtown Washington, DC and the surrounding area. I was really excited about technology and new gadgets when I started and really enjoyed working with people. I initially thought that wireless communications was where the future was at, but after carriers started buying each other and it becoming too repetitive and boring after a while, I knew it was time for a change.

I ran a small web site in college and was always interested in how it was marketed and how to find customers. In 2005 I started really looking into Search Engine Optimization as a means of income. I started reading convention transcripts, E-Books, message boards and blogs, and anything else I could find to learn industry secrets and techniques. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

I’ve now been in Internet Marketing for about four years now and have worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies as well as small local businesses who wanted to increase their online exposure. Before starting my company The Search Ninjas, I was the Director of Web Marketing for over 200 clients of Foster Web Marketing where I help them with SEO for their websites and blogs (each client ranked on page one of Google for their geographic keywords, an average Google Pagerank of 4/10, and unique monthly traffic count averages of 1500), blogging, social media marketing, and more.

I am also the organizer and founder of The Maryland Internet Marketing Meetup Group.

So, here I am. If you have any questions about your Internet Marketing strategy, comments or feedback about the blog, or anything about myself, I am always available.

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