Monthly Archive:: February 2009

Maryland Tweeters

+ = Okay everyone, here is a list of active users on Twitter. From now on, in order to be listed, a link from your blog or website to this list is necessary. Once you post the link, email with where the list is listed and we will get you up right away. Please [&hellip

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Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog by Now

Hey everyone, Tom Foster and I just put together a free report, “Five Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog by Now (and why having just a website isn’t good enough)” The report is free to download and, even though it’s written primarily for those in the legal field, it also gives some great points to [&hellip

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Linkbuilding 101 Revisited

I wish I had Dave Frees’ hypnotic skills sometimes. I would sit everyone who asks me “why am I not ranking better?!?!?” down in a chair and wave a crystal ball in front of their faces, repeating “yooooouuuu will buuuuiiiiillllddd liiiiinnnnkkkkksssss…..”. It’s probably the most underestimated part of SEO with every client we work with [&hellip

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