Monthly Archive:: August 2008

BizPro Solutions announces partnership agreement with Bottom Line Connection

I also recently reached a partnership/barter agreement with BLC in downtown Baltimore. BLC offers a “business process review” or valued survey feature called Infoquest which a lot of fortune 500 companies have caught on to. They specialize in catering to large financial firms as well as large corporations, and they seem to be growing rapidly. They had some [&hellip

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Bizpro announces verbal agreement with Spin LLC

I have been meeting with the folks over at Spin LLC (a screenshot of their awesome new web site, which has yet to launch, is pictured above) over the past few weeks and it looks like we’re moving forward with a partnership agreement. SPIN has a great office space in Hampden in a very cool building called [&hellip

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Google cycling answer results

So over the past few months it seems like Google has made an effort to include at least one answer service result for a lot of the search queries, and now it seems as if they are cycling the results. If you do a Google search you will most likely see one or two questions [&hellip

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